[PSILOCYBIN] Penis Envy OG Mushrooms


  • Intense euphoric high with spectacular shifts in perception
  • Wide, thick light stems with a bulbous brown cap
  • Strong, bitter, and woody flavour with very little aroma


Although relatively rare in comparison to other cubensis strains, Penis Envy is high in demand because of its strong psychoactive effects. This strain of magic mushrooms doesn’t grow naturally in the wild, although it’s believed to have origins in the Amazon. According to legend, famed mycologist and psilocybin mushroom researcher Dr. Steven H. Pollock created Penis Envy based on a spore found in the Amazon rainforest.


Physical Properties
Penis Envy’s name is not misleading when it comes to the appearance. The mushroom has a wide, thick stem with a bulbous light brown cap. The rarity of the strain comes from its low yield and considerably long cultivation time, which makes the mushrooms difficult to grow. The taste is strong, bitter, and woody. Many users don’t mind the flavour, while others prefer to mix it with something else before consuming.


Penis Envy is a very potent strain of shrooms. The high typically lasts around four to five hours, although the intense change of perception of time can make it feel even longer. One of the most noticeable sensations with Penis Envy is synesthesia, a molding together of two senses such as taste and sight. The experience is euphoric, dreamy, and psychedelic throughout the entire high, and at the peak has very noticeable shifts in perception of colour, shape, and thought.


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