[PSILOCYBIN] Melmac Mushrooms


  • Also known as Homestead Penis Envy
  • Alien-like appearance with UFO-shaped golden-brown caps and thick stems
  • Introspective, psychedelic experience best enjoyed with music, art, and nature


Melmac mushrooms, also called Homestead Penis Envy, are related to the popular Penis Envy strains. Mycologists explored different ways to alter the Penis Envy strain and eventually created Melmac mushrooms. While the mushrooms have similar colouring to the Penis Envy strain, they have a different shape and much stronger effects.


Physical Properties
Melmac mushrooms have a somewhat strange appearance. The stems are textured, thick, and long. They typically have a white or lighter brown skin with lots of bluish bruising colour. The caps are dark or golden brown and shaped similar to a UFO. This exotic appearance is what sets these Homestead Penis Envy mushrooms apart from the original Penis Envy strain. The flavour and aroma are strong, bitter and very earthy.


Melmac mushrooms are known for their high potency. The experience is intense and rather quick to happen. Most users report the experience as being introspective and psychedelic. Melmacs have the power to lead your mind and self through an intense journey. Strong visual and sound sensations often accompany the long trip, so it’s best to enjoy these mushrooms in a safe, happy space. The experience may be enhanced with calming music and enjoyable artwork or nature.


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