[PSILOCYBIN] Golden Teachers Mushrooms


  • Thought-provoking euphoric effects that can inspire amazing revelations
  • Medium-sized stems and caps that are a beautiful golden brown
  • Slightly bitter, noticeably earthy flavour and aroma


Golden Teachers was discovered in the 1980s, although the exact origins aren’t well known. These mushrooms most commonly grow in Southeast Asia, Central America, and Australia, and are recognizable by their beautiful golden appearance. They range from average to strong potency with effects that can last for hours.


Physical Properties
As its name suggests, Golden Teacher magic mushrooms have a notably golden colour. The stems are a light golden brown and are a medium thickness. The caps are a similar golden-brown colour with yellow-gold at the top. Golden Teachers are medium-sized mushrooms that are easily cultivated by even the most amateur grower, as they do well in almost any climate. The flavour and aroma are both slightly bitter and very earthy.


Golden Teacher psilocybin mushrooms generally have an average potency, although some mushrooms are more potent. Golden Teachers are often thought to have their name because of the “teaching” effect of their high. When taken, users are first met with a sense of dream-like elation and hallucinations that quickly turn into a mind-altering experience. The high induces profound thoughts, leading to deep contemplation and potentially life-changing revelations.


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